Meet Beth

tidbits and factoids

-I grew up on a farm in Kuna, Idaho
-I live in a 1978 Airstream named Earl with my dog Thyme. 
-I drink too much coffee
-Until very recently, my middle name was spelled different on every legal document possible. 
-I have a costume closet
-I try to buy as local as possible
-Nature is the best. 
-I have three older brothers
-I've had eight concussions. I should probably wear a helmet all of the time. 
-I went to Wake Forest University for Pre-Medicine...then I went to photography school. 
-Dogs are also the best!
-I make my own Kombucha...sometimes successfully. 
-I was once was a card holding member of the Idaho Women's Fly Fishing League
-I hate cheesy wedding photography
-I believe in story telling
-I love having dinner with people and playing games! 
-I'm an optimist to a fault. 
-If I could acquire any talent (or two) without any would be speaking Spanish and oil painting. 
-I love my job.

FILM >> Polaroid. 35mm. Medium Format. In school I spent a LOT of time in the darkroom, and i will forever LOVE film and all of its magic!! I may even pull one of these guys out during a session for some lovely filmy awesomeness. 

PLANNER >> I  have to have it written down. I even make the little boxes next to my lists so that I can check them off. I guess I am a virgo after all. 

COFFEE >> If we ever meet up to chat, can it be over coffee?

RUNNING >> I like running a lot. or hiking. or climbing. or laying under some trees in the woods instead of running.

INSPIRATION >> I'm constantly reading geeky photography journals.