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My approach is to document the story of your day.

The beautifully unposed, sometimes awkward, breathtakingly raw moments that pop up throughout the day... unaware of your planned "timeline." 

These moments are going to be what you treasure 40 years from now. I want to be there for it all, rather than show-up just before the ceremony and take off right as the party is getting started. That feels way too scripted for me. And not real at all. I get to share a very intimate day with you and your family, and to just show up to take a few posed photos, just doesn't do it justice. This is why I only offer full day coverage. I've found that it makes the whole process feel much more natural and lessens the burden of having all of the magical moments crammed into a 4 hour period. Of course...this approach might not make sense for everyone so please email me if you have a different vision. I am always excited to brainstorm and think outside the box. 

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So here are the details: 
Full day documentation is $5500

After I book 12 weddings, the price goes up. I focus on photographing a limited number of weddings in order to give you the best experience possible. If you're not looking for full day coverage, email me and we can brainstorm an option that might work better for you. 

This includes:

     -Full day coverage by Beth (usually up to 10 hours)

     -An online gallery for proofing, viewing, sharing, and 

     -Full reproduction rights, so you can do what you'd like 
       with your photos.

     -USB Flash Drive with all of the full resolution 
       photos + slideshow. 

     -A customized website and slideshow, perfect for 

Elopements and small weddings range from $2500-$4000 depending on the specifics of the day. All of the above is also included.
If you don't need full day coverage, just let me know. 

If I'm not available, I do have associate photographers that might be. Associate photographers have a similar style and approach, it would be the same Yellow Feather experience. 
Email Beth for a PDF explaining a bit more of the price breakdown and to see if your date is available. 

Additional add-ons available: 

-Life told sessions (engagement sessions) $500
-Second photographers $500
-Fine art albums range from $150-$500
-Fine art prints range from $25-$350

*you always have the right to take your photos somewhere else to be printed, these are just services I offer. 

Life Told (engagement) info

I think engagement sessions can be a bit strange. But I also really believe in documenting this chapter in life.. So what if we created images of something real you love doing together? Maybe mountain biking, exploring a farmer's market, or cooking breakfast together? Whats something that you'll be glad 20 years from now that you have in images? 

The cost is $500 for a few hours and includes all of the full resolution files, an online proofing gallery and full reproduction rights. 

The aim is NOT to create the perfect posed photo with matching outfits and cheesy smiles. The aim here is to document your story. Even if there are banana peels on the counter and stains on your kids’ t-shirts... these are the details that make life beautiful. Let’s meet up on your favorite hike or maybe just as you all wake up to make pancakes on Saturday morning. We will get plenty of the more setup family photos where everyone is together looking at the camera, but we will also get the subtle details that make your family who they are. The way your dogs play or how your daughter’s nose wrinkles when she laughs. 

I hope to create photos that you will treasure for the rest of your life because we documented something real.

Lifestyle Information

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Family Sessions...................................................$500

Portrait Sessions.................................................$500

Includes 1 hour on location, all of the full resolution professionally edited photos, full reproduction rights, and an online gallery to order prints (if you desire) and share with your family and friends. 

For travel over 30 miles from Salida, CO there is a $50 fee for every 100 miles (round trip) to cover expenses and time. 

Custom albums, canvases, frames, and fine art prints are available as well. 

Family + Portraits + Senior + Other


Do I have reproduction rights? 
Yes. All of my services include the reproduction rights. That means you can choose where you print- aka I don't make you order prints or buy the rights on top of the coverage in order to squeeze more money out of you! I believe that is sneeky! You get all reproduction rights. It will be written into the meta-data of each photo and you will receive a certificate stating your right that you can show to any printing lab. 

Can we order prints from you? 
Yes. I have an online gallery service where you will receive all of your digital files ready for download. You can also order prints, canvases, and fine art pieces. All orders are printed from a professional lab in Denver that I use for my personal printing (aka...I think they are the best!) and delivered right to your door. You'll find your online gallery here: 

Do you have albums? 
Yes. Just let me know you're interested and I can send you a pdf of some options. You can also design your own album through Artifact Uprising (another awesome Denver company) or I can design it for you for a design fee. 

Do you travel? 
You bet! I travel all over the state of Colorado and the Pacific Northwest. For these destinations, minimal or no fees are charged for travel. If lodging is necessary than I ask for basic accommodations to be payed for (or I'm happy to sleep on someone's couch!). For other areas, including international travel, I ask for the very basic travel expenses that would be above and beyond my daily living (as in you don't need to pay for my food and such). This usually includes flights or gas money and lodging for me and an assistant if you choose to have one. 

Do you shoot with film or digital? 
Both. I was initially trained in school in film. The dark room is my magical place so I like to shoot with film every chance I get- both 35mm and medium format! The cost of processing film is quite high however so there is a slightly different pricing structure to include this. If I happen to have a few rolls of film lying around, I may snap a few shots for fun anyway. The aesthetic of film had such a strong impact on me that I know process much of my digital files to emulate my favorite films and to create a harmonic style between the two mediums. What equipment do you use? I use mostly Nikon equipment for my digital work and various cameras for film work including Bronica, Contax, and Polaroid. I have professional lenses and camera bodies as well as backups in case something goes array. Do you backup your work? Since we're working with digital files, it is essential to protect them from getting lost! I backup 3 times, then archive files for safe keeping 2 years after the shoot. 

Do you have insurance? 
Yes. Yellow Feather Photography is covered by Package Choice Hill and Usher Insurance. Venues sometimes need proof of this, contact me if they need a proof of insurance. 

Are you a legit business? 
Sure am. Yellow Feather Photography LLC is registered with the state of Colorado. All sales tax, income tax, and licensing fees are reported and payed regularly. 

What should we wear? 
Simple answer: what you are most comfortable in (as in what is most true to you). More specific answer: check out these docs with a few tips that will help YOU be the story of the photo, not your t-shirt graphic. 

What should we do? 
Be yourself! Truly. Taking photos is in its nature a bit strange but I try everything to capture the real you! That is what will be beautiful 20 years from now. Don't worry about everything being just perfect- life isn't perfect...lets embrace the chaos! 

What is the best time to shoot? 
 We can shoot anytime of the day, however by far the best natural lighting is about 1.5 hours before sunset until 10 minutes after sunset (this is the golden "hour"). If it is possible to shoot during this time, we will have a lot more creative options. What should we do with our photo files? Use them! You should print them, get them up in your house, send them to friends and family! but you also should back them up in several places. I will try to have backup for 2 years after your shoot date but it is helpful if you have your own backup as I can't always guarantee that some glitch won't find its way into my system. 

Why Yellow Feather? 
Great question! From the beginning I had the sense that photography was much bigger than myself (so I didn't want to name the business after myself) and a yellow feather popped into my mind. There is something mystical about feathers. Cultures throughout history and the world associate many spiritual aspects to feathers. When I take a photo, I hope it transcends just the material world we live in. Its that extra something we find when looking at an old photograph of our grandpa fishing or our mother in her 70s garb.

How do we book with Yellow Feather? 
 First submit through the contact page to see if your date is available. If the date is available, you will receive a pricing brochure that outlines the approach and pricing of coverage. From there, decide what you would like included (a second photographer, an album, etc...) and I will make up a contract for you to electronically sign. A 50% deposit is necessary to officially hold your date. From there, you will receive a questionnaire that helps me prepare for the date and we're good to go! I often meet up with couples in person to make sure we're a good match- so if you'd like to set up a time to meet just email me directly at: